Success Story – Steve – Fittest he’s EVER been.

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  • 6 August, 2018

Success Story – Steve – Fittest he’s EVER been.

The gym wasn’t working………but that has all changed for Steve since training at Omni.


Steve’s Success Story

Emmaclaire:I’m here with Steve today. He’s giving his time to share his story on why he started at omni studios and why he is still training  with us today today.

Steve please share the main reason why you started at omni studios, a year ago today.

Steve: yes, January 2017, I started………long time.


And I have just been on holiday for Christmas and new year, a friend of mine, as we were leaving the apartment just as we were walking out the door, a friend of mine put his finger on my belly and said, not taking that next time we go on holiday.


And I never really thought about it that much, but the weight had been steadily building up on me. I wasn’t particular fit, I wasn’t unfit, and I did use to feel bloated all the time. I was overweight, I was unfit, my muscles weren’t really used, I couldn’t do a two or three press ups without breaking into a big sweat. That was the reason for getting started.


I had set myself some targets that year, I do a lot of bike riding and felt I need an extra boost, especially during the winter months and that was my reason for coming along to omni.


Emmaclaire:ok, was you training before at another gym?


I was a member at the local gym, but the training facility they offered was nothing like omni. Omni is like personal training.


So, I would come along to the gym and do some cardiovascular work, a bit of weights, they would set a program out which wasn’t very interesting and very manotimus and it was the same program every time you went.


So, when I joined at omni, and started the programs you set up and the different workouts you have on every time you attend, its’ absolutely brilliant, it keeps people interested and it keeps everyone enjoying going to the gym.


I look forward to finishing work in the evening and getting to the gym.


Emmaclaire:That’s nice to hear thank you.


You had been on holiday and it was actually a friend giving you some personal feedback out of the blue. That made you think, actually, I’m yeah going to take action on this. And You saw one of our facebook ads and you filled out your details, we had a chat and you came to get stated and for the consultation process and we chatted about your goals, how did you find that process and did it highlight anything around health and fitness for you that not had come to the forefront?


Steve:I’d say the health and fitness side of it was brilliant and you brought out the best in me that year and that’s what kept me going. It’s not just the training part it’s the nutrition side as well. I didn’t used to eat badly but I didn’t eat the right stuff and the right time of the day. I would always skip breakfast I wasn’t never a big breakfast eater. So, I make sure now I have a proper good protein breakfast at the start of the day. And the team give you loads of tips and is there to give you the advice you need to make sure the goals I want to and my potential.


Emmaclaire:That’s really good to hear so potentially it has helped you sort out and improved healthy habits that now complemented your training routine at omni.


What would you say that keeps you coming back, now that you have achieved your goal, that you set out to achieve in the initial stage to get started. what is it now that keeps you going?


Steve:Well the reason I still love going is the great group of people that go there, it’s like a family, we all know each other, we all train with each other and against each other, its’ like a little competition but also we all spur each other on, to do better. That’s one of the things I really, really enjoy about it. I sometimes get there 10 – 15 minutes earlier to catch up and chat with each other


We all belong to a facebook group and have a laugh with each other as well, share our highs and lows. When someone has been missing a few days, we wanna know why they are not there and pop up a message to see how they are. It’s like a family and we all get on really well and we spur each other on to achieve great goals.


Emmaclaire:That’s all good stuff Steve, so it’s the support and the community support that comes with that.




Emmaclaire:Would you say that having the experience at other gym, health clubs, would you say that you have experienced this before or is something different.


What would you say?


Steve:Being at Omni is completely different from being at a regular gym, where you go along. It’s completely different. The workouts are different, no week is ever the same. We do loads of different exercises they target different and specific muscles groups and everything like that. That’s what I enjoy.


Omni offers everybody the opportunity to go there and better themselves.


Emmaclaire:So, Steve you do lots of charity work, and one of the biggest ones you do which is the cycling event, which is London to Amsterdam. How would you say your training has helped supported this event, how many miles is that?


Steve:It’s 430 miles over 4 days, it takes a lot of building up to doing that, but normally this early the season, as I don’t do this till late august, but we did an event last weekend which was 117 kilometres and one of the other chaps at the gym, Craig who’ doing the challenge with me and we decided to do this training ride, 117 km and I have never done it before now this early and I felt so good afterwards, and I was back training the next night ,because my fitness level, is far exceeded whatever I expected to get from omni, By far exceeded that. So, I always feel good and confident with stuff.


Emmaclaire:absolutely, so the strength training is really helping you with your charity sporting events.




Emmaclaire:And or someone watching your testimonial, and potential thinking about getting started, what would you say to someone thinking about it, but not yet taking action for whatever reason, what would you say to these people as encouragement to have a taster session, in supporting them to taking action?


Steve:I would say it’s so easy, come along, have a look at the facility, have a look at what we do, see how it goes, have a 5.30, 6.30 pm taster session, have a chat with someone at Omni. You will soon realise it’s the sort of training that is for you.  Not everyone is the same ability, but we all still enjoy the same exercises, and if someone is a bit slower we all there to push encouragement to make them feel like they can push themselves on and feel they can do this.


If you were to click on the link, you’re not losing anything by not clicking on the link, but when they do they will soon realise it’s the best move they have made in their life.


Emmaclaire:Exactly and when they do – all there going to get is support, to keep moving forward and get some great healthy results.


Steve – YEP!


Emmaclaire:awesome – thank you Steve for your time


Steve is a very keen cyclist and participates in 3-4 big races a year and is on his 3rd Spartan challenge to date.

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