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  • 20 November, 2018

Success Story – Minnie – Shares her why and how……..

Minnie – Shares why she got started and how she did it……..

How she dropped a dress size in 12 weeks the healthy way and is keeping it off and how it has changed her and her life, the healthy influence on her husband and daughter for the better……..



Want to read Minnie’s Story – see below

Well, I phoned Omni about two years ago, and I had a chat.

And then thought there’s no way I can commit to 12 weeks.

I can’t commit to that, I can’t commit to this.

And talked myself out of it. And then in the summer, I was sitting with my tummy and a glass of wine, and a big bowl of pasta. And I was about to go on holiday. And my sister-in-law had also lost lots of weight. And I thought I’m going to be sitting next to her, and what have I done to myself? 

And that was kind of when I thought … well I spoke to you about two years ago, I’ll ring back.

And I mean it this time.

We had a consultation, came in.

I started the one to one, which was brilliant. And then after I think it was about four weeks, the reboot challenge came up, which has been a God send to me to be honest. Because the food plan has been brilliant. I eat fish, but I don’t eat meat, so it meant that I kept thinking that I was eating protein, but I wasn’t. And the reboot plan has really helped with meal planning, shopping lists, food combinations that I hadn’t thought of before.

Sorting out all my protein levels. I feel more energetic, I’ve lost loads of weight. I’m getting muscle, and I can’t quite believe that I’m where I’m at right now.

So, it’s been brilliant.

I had continual back pain. Every time I went to bed, I had back pain. I’d see physios and all sorts for about six years, but what I didn’t take into account was that my core was really weak. And I’ve come here, and I’ve come to primal, and I’ve had the one to one. And that has sorted out my back pain, which means that I can sleep better, which has alleviated things like depression, lack of motivation. All of those kinds of things, because I can sleep better.

And things like even driving the car, it used to hurt me turn the steering wheel, because I had no muscle, and I was really weak and feeble. But I didn’t realise, I just thought I was getting middle aged and old. And this was my lot. And that has changed completely. I mean to give me the feeling that I can cope with things physically is amazing. So, I was getting really middle aged, and thought well that’s it, I’m on the decline now. I’m 46, I’m going to be fat, flabby, and I can’t exercise, because every time I exercise I hurt myself.

So, coming here and being nurtured, and having the one to one. Getting stronger little bit, by little bit, by little bit. And lots of building blocks fitting together, it’s meant that I haven’t injured myself and have succeeded. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in three months, four months. It’s not long. Yeah, I feel very different.

Last little bit of our one to one, I believe until January. I’ve got some new goals. I no longer just want to be fit, I want to be really fit. And I think that’s what has changed for me, that I want to somebody different. I’ve already surpassed what I thought I could be, and I want to be even stronger and fitter. And make this a lifestyle choice now, and put my fitness first, rather than something that I might do one day. Make sure that it’s always part of my life, which is very different.

But my daughter this morning, she said, “Can I have a smoothie?” My husband started walking to work. He’s having smoothies, he’s eating some of the reboot meals that I’m eating. You can see that they’re looking and because physically I’ve changed so much, and they can see that now, they’re both really interested. Whereas before I was on a journey on my own, I can kind of see that it might drip into their lives a little bit as well, because I’m doing well with it.




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