I started at Omni PT nearly two years ago.


My Goal was to get better at being more confident in myself and improve my balance and co-ordination.


I was very nervous when I started out. It was a small group PT environment and I was worried if I would be liked.


Yet everyone was very friendly and supportive.


When I started out, it was a struggle with my shift work, husband and children, yet slowly overtime it got better and I stuck at it no matter what.


Overtime it became my life, my time, me time to trust in myself, build my confidence and enjoy the community support at Omni PT.

When I didnt come I really missed it.

My Success was sticking with it even when it is challenging……it’s too easy to give up, I just keep pushing through and kept on going to OMNI PT.

It made me feel good about myself!

My biggest goal was celebrating my 10 year anniversary and I wanted to get back into my wedding dress. In December 2016 – I did it, I got back into my wedding dress.:-)


I really enjoy coming here, I enjoy the people, everyone is supportive, no one is on there own, no one feels silly because they are just starting out. The staff are brilliant. Without the staff, I would not be where I am now, have the motivation and I would not, still be coming and carrying on with it like I am today.


It’s like a big family!

Everyone Encourages and Supports each other on the transformation Journey 🙂


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Success Story, Christina and Her Health Transformation at OMNI PT.

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