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  • 9 March, 2017

Strong Steve at Omni Personal Training – Northampton

What Steve said. …..

Geplaatst door Omni Personal Training Facility – Northampton op woensdag 4 mei 2016


I have been training to stay fit all my life, I have been to lots of other gyms and I have had personal training too and it has been great. Yet at Omni Studios it is on another level that is more than just another training session, it’s a great supportive community, I enjoy training with others and having a laugh and the training takes me to that next level.

I missed training with others, I found I pushed myself more, had fun working out with others, the competitive edge it gives.

After a serious motor biking accident, I was left with a shoulder injury that causes me some discomfort yet Strength training at Omni has helped me with my posture and reduce the discomfort.

After a long day at work, just blasting out, I feel better afterwards and feel so energized and ready to face the next day.


And I really enjoy that.


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