How Strength Training Helped Nicole’s Transformation……..

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  • 17 May, 2017

How Strength Training Helped Nicole’s Transformation……..

Strong training at Omni PT

Watch and Listen to Nicole Sharing Her Strength Training Success And Her New Found Confidence………#strongnicole #strongcommunity

Geplaatst door Omni Personal Training Facility – Northampton op woensdag 17 mei 2017

My Fitness and Personal Training at Omni PT Northampton

I attend the Strong program at Omni Personal Training Northampton. And I enjoy the training process and enjoy the results I get and the changes I have had in my body.

IĀ  was looking for something different as I had attended many of gyms in the area and this one I enjoyed and stuck with.

The program is different to other programs I have done before. The environment and supportive community is different to what I had experienced at other places.

It as helped me gained by confidence and I’m a totally different person now to when I first started. It has helped me to change my life.

I would say to you reading this, give it a try, it it totally different to other training places and hopefully it will change your life, like it has helped me change mine. You will get results you want.

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