Our Kickstarter Training Programs and Specialist programs are designed to help you achieve your goals over a structured 12 week period.




Get a leaner and fitter body in only 12 weeks with our latest Pilates training package. Designed to work on strength and improve posture and increase metabolism alongside flexibility and mobility. It is suitable for everyone at any age – and at any start out level – beginners, intermediate and advanced.


•  The program is for two Pilates training sessions a week for 12 weeks.


•  Initial consultation & Body MOT – compulsory for all new clients (including Fitness Test, Posture Screening and Eating Habits Analysis)


Fat Loss


Fat loss is a goal that many people struggle with and one that we have been helping our clients with for many years. Now you can benefit from our wealth of experience with our unique 12 week fat loss programme. Your trainer will tailor our fat loss program to suit your specific needs.


Loose it and Keep it off Start package to a leaner and fitter body in only 12 weeks with our Fat loss training package. Designed for FAT LOSS and INCREASE METABOLISM  with Healthy Eating Guidance. Ideal to those who are ‘Serious about doing this and succeeding’ and starting out at any level of fitness – beginners, intermediate and advanced.


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