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You probably struggle to get your exercise in each week, let alone each day.  You need some motivation, guidance and support.  You’re not alone!  Most people know the basics of working out, they just get bored with the same routine or you go to a gym run on the treadmill do some weights etc. yet have no idea if its working or what program is best for you!


Whether you’re an experienced exerciser or just starting out our ‘FAT BURNER WARRIOR program is perfect for you.  Utilizing a “boot camp” style program we will work every major muscle group, your core and your endurance for the entire session.  We limit the groups to just 4 people so we can give everyone the attention they need to be safe and effective.


All Members on this Transformation Package receive:


•Full Fitness Evaluation, to benchmark your incredible progress with the program


•Small group sessions to stay motivated, share your progress, record and we’ll keep you safe and make sure you understand the program


•Goals and targets to strive for and keep things interesting and fun!


•Nutrition “Life Plan”, support. Nutrition is 80% of your results and we want you to be successful so we’ll spend a lot of time on the nutrition aspect


•Transformation Coach, the key to your success is having someone who will hold you accountable for your success


•Regular Measurements and Progress Check points, we track your progress and celebrate your successes


•Unlimited Access to all Go Classes (link to timetable), why pay for another gym membership?  It’s all included


•You Body Back in record


Schedule your free ‘body transformation’ review,  – Schedule now.


Let us figure out the rest with you.