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Here at Omni Studios, Northampton Health and Personal Training, we offer a comprehensive range of health and personal training programs and services that are designed to Transform, Enhance and Maximise your health, wellbeing and fitness development.


Your lifestyle and healthy shopping list is:


Large Group Personal Training  – Super fun and most popular way most of our clients get started and get addicted to transforming themselves and their lifestyles to healthy and happier ones.


Small Group Personal Training – Like to have a chat and fun during your training this is the ideal training for you. Evidence proves sharing and training with other like-minded people like you increases your chances of succeeding to your goals faster and sustaining them.


VIP 121 Personal Training  – Super serious and want 121 attention from your trainer and get specific training tailored to your needs and requirements. This is for you!


Health Coaching – This is our most popular program and encompasses large group personal training and coaching for lifestyle changes, eating behaviours, mental wellbeing, accountability, support and direction to results.


Nutrition Coaching – Ideal if you want support to the right eating for you!


Body Rehabilitation  – We are body mechanics and work with specialist to fixing you up and getting you your body back.


Fat loss and Body Transformation programs – These are great kick-starter programs to those starting out, a bit nervous training in a personal training facility, tried and failed at gyms or programs before and need your faith restoring or just being realistic and not ready to commit before you have test tried us!


We help and support those want to transform their body, health and lifestyle and we get great results doing so.


We are so confident in all coaching and programs and are super serious and passionate about getting you results we offer a guarantee with every program and training.


Now…… because we are super serious about getting you results all we ask in return is your commitment and to take action where guided – That’s it!


Therefore only get in touch with us if you are serious about transforming your body and health and your ready to be helped.


We do not take on everyone only those that are ready to take action and commit to themselves.


 Contact us now IF YOU WANT RESULTS!