Our Step by step guide on how your Body Transformation journey begins, takes shape and ends.


First step pick the phone up or email either Omni Studio : t: 01604 713320    e: mailus@omnistudios.co.uk


Day one: Let’s meet and see what we can do!


You will be met at reception and go through your initial Review  with our Body Transformation Coach Leader. This gives us a chance to discuss with you a realistic approach to what you are looking to achieve.


Day two: Nutrition Consultation


Specializing in Fat loss, stress management and digestion problems you will be recommended the right foods to eat, supplements where needed and given  personal guidance on how to  work your eating within your lifestyle and schedule ensuring you maximize your time.


Body fat test, Body Measurements, and before photos taken. This is essential and you wont regret it. It also gives us something to measure at each review and to keep us focus at each session


Day three: Transformation Coaching sessions


Our Body transformation trainers are highly qualified with a minimum Two years experience. Now  here  is where the training begins and most importantly you have the knowledge and understanding to see where you are going and the goals you will achieve.


Book your Day 1 now and its absolutely FREE: Click here or email now mailus@omnistudios.co.uk or call 01604 713320


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