General FAQ’s

General FAQ’s

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Check out our FAQ’s below.


What to wear, it’s my first time Anything goes here really. There is no dress code, we only advise dress to move and wear comfortable trainers to support your feet and ankles. (Yes even wedding dresses or swimwear allowed although you may feel more uncomfortable than everyone else and we have no pool or church available)


Strong Fit Group PT  Omni PT is known for running the best and most creative PT training sessions in Northampton.


Body Transformation Training Omni Studios Body Transformation Coaches are the very best in the business and guarantee results. If you have problems achieving your exercise goals been doing the same routine at the gym then having your own trainer or coach is definitely the recommended solution. If you have questions on how this can benefit you, please feel free to speak to any Body Transformation Coach directly.


How hard are the sessions and will I cope? The sessions are individually designed to suit your energy and stamina levels yet equally you wish to hit your goals right?! And are therefore challenging and designed to get you results. We train in all weather conditions and both indoor and outdoor yet you are advised on this before your scheduled sessions. Will I get shouted at? Oooooooh No Way! Absolutely not. There is lots of encouragement though!


How long are the sessions? This depends on the type of session you are attending yet all sessions and classes are from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.


What shall I bring to a session? Your body and lots of enthusiasm raring to go! Please make sure you arrive up 10 minutes early for your first session as we will require you to fill in a brief health questionnaire, prior to attending any first session or class. There is no need to bring anything else.


Where do I leave my valuables? Its best to leave any valuables at home yet if you have to bring any you can sign them in the cube holder within the facility or with your coach.


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