Coach Mitch

Coach Mitch


Full Name: Mitch John Connolly


Star sign: Aries


Qualifications: Level 3 personal trainer, Taekwondo instructor, kettlebell qualified, level 2 Zuu trainer, Trained CrossFit for 2 years


Key responsibility at Omni: Mr motivator, Coach the strong fit and elite crew, keeping everyone on track with their nutrition and training, 1-2-1 personal training.


What do you do for fun: Train insane, practice martial arts, Yoga, getting outdoors and climbing things.


What’s your favorite color: Blue not like those baby blues more of a omni Blue or black 😉


Favourite food: steak and eggs, Korean BBQ, unless it’s a cheat meal then something cover in chocolate or ice cream … Mmmmm.


Most embarrassing moment: I have at least one of those a day so you will have to get down to omni and see for yourself…   


Biggest achievement to date: Representing Great Britain for 2 years competing around the world, placing in the Korean open, world championships and being selected for the common wealth games.


Life moto: if it doesn’t challenge you its never going to change you… you have to believe to achieve, be the change that you want to see out of the world!


Toughest workout to date: My first Saturday sweat session at Omni 😃 or the 300 workout that was the biggest shock after doing nothing but weight training for a year! 


What’s your go to music to work out too: I bounce between a few genres but nothing like some gangster rap, rock or some … Phil Collins in the air tonight really gets the blood pumping.


Life Goals: Bring about world peace one rep at a time, Improve each day from the last.


Mitch 😊

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