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Full Name: Emmaclaire Young


What is your key responsibility at Omni Studios – Omni Personal Training, The Pole Fit Northampton Academy  – Everything!


Qualifications / Studies / Experience – Far too many to list here, and I study continuously (slightly geeky) and the years of experience are now starting to add up to double figures – Ask me and book out some time to listen.


Key areas of Expertise: Business Owner, Writer, Life Coach, Health Coach, Strength Coach, Workaholic, Addicted to helping people be the best version of themselves. Fat Loss, Getting Started and Rehabilitate the body, Combating Obesity, Strength Training the Body, Nutritional Health – Mind and Body Mind Set, Mind Behaviour, Overcoming Fears, Addiction Behaviour.


What do you do to have fun? Be Mischievious, do something funny, snowboarding, dance, travel, go on an adventure, listen to Jazz Music, try something new.


How do you relax and unwind? Meditation is a very important part of my life, Be Lazy, Sleep, Big bubble bath with wine and candles, stretch and listen to soft tranquil music, Read and most of all lots of walks in nature with my Beautiful dog Fredee.


Let us know your Favourite Colour? Lover of all colours yet if I really have to pick it would be blue and purple.


What’s your Favourite food? Sunday dinners, chips, coleslaw, olives, greek salad.


What’s your Favourite item of clothing? Jeans especially Levis – live in them!


Do you a Favourite genre of music you listen too?  Jazz, Soul and Motown. and my current favourite artists are Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, John Legend, Will I Am, Madonna and Lionel Richie.


What is your most embarrassing moment? I have had a few embarrassing moments yet a lady never tells!


What has been the toughest work out you have even done? I did a 24hour triathlon and a 5 mile race straight after when I was 18 – the toughest workout ever!


What has been your biggest achievement? I have had lots and maybe one day I will publish a book and share them all for you to take time, have a cup of tea, read, giggle, cry and enjoy them!


Favourite sweets? Flavoured Lollipops


Who or what inspires you? I find everyone does in their own unique way – Everyone has an inspirational story to tell and I always find them full of inspiration and wisdom. You just have to make time to listen.


What is your life moto or ambition? Have fun, always try something new, smash down all fears and barriers and never give up and never stop investing in yourself. Evolve and embrace it!


My Favourite Sayings – I have a few

  1. There is always a solution!
  2. Today is a new day so what is there to worry about!
  3. If at first you don’t succeed try try try again and if that don’t work – Run like mad the other way!
  4. Empty Cans Make More Noise
  5. No Excuses Just Show Up
  6. Get out your head and in your body






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