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  • 16 September, 2015

Aden Southall – Tried everything until now!

Aden Southall – Aged 34, Carpenter – Dropped 2 jean sizes and 15% body fat gone!



Hi there,

I wanted to share my story with you because I have achieved something I never thought I could or would of after trying and failing so many times before. You see I enjoy my food, especially sweet type stuff and of course my beer too!


Originally I was just in average shape and had a not so good diet,  I carried a bit of fat due loving my food. So I joined a gym and have been on and off for about 12 years. I joined for the pool yet I never really used it, probably once a year.


When I started out at the gym it was great for the first few weeks and seemed very exciting. Yet Months and months and even years went past with me just doing the wrong things and still no idea of a good diet and having no real accountability. I would do the herbalife shakes before my holidays and get results quick yet I couldn’t keep this up and actually gained more fat after my holidays. I didn’t really know what to do!


I decided this was a waste of time and decided to take up running. This was In fact a good decision. I love running for the mind and cardio ( plus I read that this was good for you in men’s fitness magazine). It was a good way of switching of a getting rid of my stressful days. This was great and I still run to this day. Yet my body only changed a bit and nothing like what I wanted and I still didn’t feel that confident with my body and energy.


Then 12 months a go I was set a challenge by Emmaclaire after chatting a few times about training and food and the relationship of these two and how best suited for my body type. Now I was skeptic at first yet when you speak to Emmaclaire ( and if you have you will understand that she is a walking book on food, all things training, especially strength training and most importantly eating right for you) and I found her no no-nonense approach and her enthusiasm to supporting m to find what works for me, refreshing. The truth really does set you free man!


I found myself lifting weights safely and with good technique working my body correctly to maximise my results, training my muscles hard and lifting more ( being a carpenter, this helped with by day job too!), eating cleaner and yet still having my chocolate fixes and my beers. Which 6 months later helped me to drop 15% body fat and drop two jean sizes. This motivates me even more to eat good food now and enjoy my food more too! This I have never achieved before.


I’m still enjoying my transformation journey and my nutrition knowledge has improved greatly and I feel well educated in this department. It is so true- 80% of a good body is made in the kitchen.


I find my strength training is taking me to the next level and I feel on track to getting that lean and muscles body I want.


Thank you for all your help and education Emmaclaire please feel free to share this with everyone. I’m so excited to keep continuing this transformation journey.
If your reading this – JUST DO IT!


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