Emmaclaire and her team of health and fitness mechanics, work and support is very multifaceted…


…one of the best parts of our jobs, and the part Emmaclaire enjoy’s immensely, is delivering rereults and transforming YOUR life in a healthy way!



Here are some of the key areas Emmaclaire and her team will support YOU with:


  • Health and body transformation for the busy professional
  • Managing Stress through fitness training
  • Managing Depression through fitness training and healthy eating
  • Managing Diabetes through fitness and healthy eating
  • Sports team consulting on nutrition and supplementation to all academy levels
  • Public seminars on nutrition and health wellbeing
  • Corporate wellness days
  • SME consulting on health and fitness for business and how important this is to success and lifestyle
  • Private mentoring on nutrition, health, supplementation & human performance
  • Private mentoring on health and fitness development
  • Private mentoring on business development
  • Private Personal training and health transformation


If any of the above fits, or doesn’t fit yet you have an inkling Emmaclaire and her team can help, please do get in touch and Emmaclaire will get in touch to discuss you needs.


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