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About Us

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Firstly Welcome to Omni Studios Personal Training Northampton, tStrength & Conditioning ‘Body Design & Transformation’ Training


Omni Studios Personal Training welcomes you to the facility for your transformation and body design Training. The place to be to get real results.  Our concept here is like no other.  With  Group Fit & Lean training sessions), Get Strong & Ripped results targeted PT Training, and our Strong Elite to train and be an allround Athlete.

WANT RESULTS, failed in the past and fed up of trying and really want the body and health you have always wished for then WE ARE FOR YOU!


We are a specialised Strength & Conditioning, Health and Fitness Company that truly cares about you and getting you RESULTS!  That is what we do! No gym, no gimmicks, no take your money and off you go experiences. We listen and we work hard to coach and support you to get body transformation results.

So there is really no excuse why you cannot have and get what you want!


YES! We do have personal friendly environment it’s our Fitness and Health Community and Family.


Are you Ready? if the answer is YES and your ready to truly commit to your goals and transform your body and health, this is the place for you.


Omni Studios is passionate to making your fitness and body transformation dreams and goals happen. Our Team and packages have been formed and designed to use years of knowledge and experience and heaps of creativity and fun to ensure you achieve your specific health & body results. The environment at our studios is also a major factor in your achieving transformation results, as all members commit to their goals and to a training schedule which is very different to queuing for equipment and trying to find space to train at your standard gyms with no real program to follow.


There is no magic solution or pill available that works for everyone; its commitment and the willingness to learn, show up and keep going is what will get you the results. With our holistic approach, creative group fitness classes, bespoke transformation packages, passionate coaches, teachers and support team you will succeed and achieve. We will not recycle workout programmes or simply watch you workout for an hour whilst counting for you. Every teacher, coach and support team will maximise both your enjoyment and the results you get from it.


Not convinced that Omni Studios PT is for you? Check out our Success and feedback stories and see what we have achieved with some of our current members.


If your looking to burn away fat, change your body shape, feel good, put on muscle mass, train for a specific sporting activity or just to benefit from the creative expertise at Omni Studios PT, The important thing is that you have a goal in mind and with our experience, methods, facilities and ultimately our passion to  help you get results .


Still not convinced? Why not book a chat with us? We’re confident that once you meet us, understand what we are about and what we can do for you – you’ll be hooked!

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