5 Easy Steps to Juggling Family, Fitness and Work

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  • 20 October, 2017

5 Easy Steps to Juggling Family, Fitness and Work

Managing Work Life Balance & Training

5 Easy Steps to Juggling Family, Fitness and Work

Making time to workout when you work full time, have family commitments and have some sort of social life is often be tricky add on that your regular workouts and you become  A GREAT JUGGLER.

Below we share our 5 steps to help you maximise your time and train effectively.

We now live in the age of instant everything and everything is fast fast. Which in turn does challenge as to whether this has allowed us more leisure time or less.


Have you stopped to think lately, why you operate so fast or rush about – is it really necessary?


The corporate world loves and utilises the term “work / life balance”.


Everywhere we go today their our countless amounts of people with laptops on beaches, in cafes bars, in parks and that leads us to consider…………


Have we been tricked? Have we got it so wrong here in the UK?


Does “work / life balance” really mean “we can reach out to you and have you do work anywhere in the world”?

Thanks to modern technology, we now find ourselves juggling family, work obligations, and trying to remain fit consistently in workouts.


Then your messenger or email pops up mid-workout… on the phone, during our workouts or even at dinnertime with the family.


STOP! It does not have to be this way!


However, the power of responsibility is on us to make the changes in our daily lives that lead us back to having quality work time, family time, and training time… and keep it that work time interfere as little as possible with the other two.


We really do have the power!


5 Solutions for You Are:


  1. A set schedule is ALMOST everything

Have a set schedule but if you have to work out at 6am instead of 6pm, suck it up. There are 24 hours in a day. You can find an hour to put in the work. Get organised and stick to it – get up early if you have too! ( stop making excuses that you cannot get up early or working out late is not for you)


  1. Communication, Communication is everything.

Being clear on your intentions daily, weekly, and monthly make life infinitely easier with your boss and family members.

Make time to communication and be clear how important it is to you.

Don’t surprise your husband / wife with a workout on a Saturday morning when they may have planned for a family outing.

Include them in on the schedule bit too!


fitness boundaries

  1. An active family makes everything easier

If family time consists of hikes, sports, and being outdoors in general, then exercise becomes infinitely easier than if family time consists of TV and video games.

Go out side to play games, walk to the park instead of driving in the car – make it a walking adventure with what you see.


  1. Always have a back -up plan for a home workout

A set up at home does not need to be fancy, it just needs to allow you to get the job done.

It doesn’t have to be excessive  – A kettlebell 12kg – 20 kg, resistance band and a skipping rope is all you need.

Maybe a pull up bar you can mount of a door frame

Always warm up and stretch before and stretch out after your workout – Never go straight in.


    5. Work smarter Not Harder – SET ELECTRONIC BOUNDARIES!

Unless you work in a career field that includes you being on-call to save lives (Fireman, Police, Doctor, Lock smith etc) BE HONEST – ask yourself… “If I miss a call from the office in the next hour, will the world stop turning?”


No one on their death bed ever said…”I sure am glad I stopped spending time with my family and friends to take that call from the office.”


To be asked “what’s for dinner?” – that stuff canbe picked up post your workout.


Get your workouts in, get organised, be consistent, turn your phone off, and STICK TO THE PLAN!

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